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Amazing Staff Highlight!

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This is Shannon McNulty (right).  Shannon has worked at NEXUS since 2019 as an Inclusion Counsellor in one of our Community Inclusion programs in Cranbrook.  Shannon has always demonstrated a ‘Person Centred Approach’ often stating he will “do anything for the individuals we support!”

Recently, our Creston team found themselves short staffed and in need of support.  Shannon volunteered to temporarily be re-deployed to Creston to work a full-time night shift line for several months to help the team out.  His willingness to step in whenever needed is a true testament that he is working in this field for the right reasons.  We are thankful to have Shannon as part of the NEXUS team and look forward to his continued work with us for years to come!

What is your favorite thing about working for NEXUS? “It is the people we support; the opportunity to work with them and help them have a full and rich life!” – Shannon