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Provincial Health Order – Employee Vaccines

On Friday, November 19, 2021, the office of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) released an amended Provincial Health Order on Hospital and Community (Health Care and Other Services) COVID-19 Vaccination Status Information and Preventive Measures (the Order). The Order now applies to Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) and employers under contract with, or funded by CLBC, to provide care and services as defined within the Order.

As NEXUS is funded by Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) to provide care and services, the Order will apply to our agency and all of our employees who provide such care/services. We are working internally to create and implement a policy that will direct all NEXUS staff to adherence of the PHO order.

As we work through this situation, including the development of our policy, we kindly ask for your patience. Once the policy is developed and implemented, in alignment with the Order, we will be able to better answer your questions.