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Potential Service Interruptions

As you are likely aware, the Provincial Health Officer (PHO) recently made an amendment to  the  Hospital  and  Community  (Health Care and Other Services) Covid-19 Vaccination Status Information and Preventive Measures – November 18, 2021 Provincial Health Order (the Order). This amendment widened the application of the order to include: “A PERSON EMPLOYED, CONTRACTED OR FUNDED TO PROVIDE, OR TO PROVIDE STAFF TO PROVIDE, CARE OR SERVICES IN A HOSPITAL OR IN THE COMMUNITY BY A PERSON CONTRACTED OR FUNDED TO PROVIDE STAFF TO PROVIDE CARE OR SERVICES IN A HOSPITAL OR IN THE COMMUNITY BY… COMMUNITY LIVING BRITISH COLUMBIA.”.

What this means is that any agency that receives funding from Community Living British Columbia (CLBC) must ensure their employees are vaccinated against Covid-19. Employers, like NEXUS, must ensure the following:

  • All employees report their vaccination status to NEXUS by:

•       December 3, 2021;

  • All employees must receive the first dose (of a two-dose vaccine) by:

•       December 10, 2021;

  • All employees must receive the second dose (of a two-dose vaccine) by:

•       January 14, 2022.

Employees who fail to meet the above deadlines will be unable to work in any program or service described in the order.

NEXUS’ leadership staff are working hard to gather data from employees and further educate personnel on the Order and how it applies to them. Having said this, at today’s date, NEXUS is reporting a less than average vaccination rate. With this information in mind, we want to alert you to the fact that we may experience service interruption on or before December 10th, 2021, due to critical staff shortages. NEXUS’ Executive and Senior Leadership staff have worked hard to plan for a “worst case scenario” but remain optimistic for a better outcome. Should vaccine rates at NEXUS remain low, we will be forced to shift to an essential service model. This means we will need to ensure those who are in 24/7 staffed homes have the supports needed to maintain their overall health and welfare. This may result in temporary closures of non-essential services such as Community Inclusion, Supportive Employment, Outreach, etc. to redistribute the workforce to areas in need.

We are committed to those we support, their families and caregivers, and our community. We are working tirelessly to ensure everyone we support has access to the services they depend on. Though we may experience service interruptions, NEXUS’ Board of Directors and Executive support the decision of the PHO as we know and understand that vaccinations are one tool we have to reduce the risks of spreading and contracting Covid-19. We are confident that we will rise above this challenge in short order.

In closing we want to thank you for your continued understanding, patience, and resiliency.