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Amalgamation of Societies

As previously announced, the Cranbrook Society for Community Living (CSCL) and the Creston and District Society for Community Living (CDSCL) both held special meetings of their respective memberships on August 10, 2021. The purpose of these meetings was to pass a resolution that allows the Boards of each society for move forward with an amalgamation of societies.

We are pleased to announce that both CSCL and CDSCL passed their special resolutions and, therefore, the amalgamation of societies will proceed.

Effective September 1, 2021, CSCL and CDSCL will amalgamate to form NEXUS Community Support Society. This new organization will bring together a blended Board of Directors as follows:

  • Joanne Thom, President
  • Charlotte Ternoway, Director
  • Susan Davis, Vice President
  • Shelley Sanderson, Director, CWA Representative
  • Chad Jensen, Treasurer
  • Helen White, Director
  • Laurie Goodlad, Director

Brandon Arnett, CSCL’s current Chief Executive Officer, will assume the role of CEO of NEXUS in September. Brandon will work with existing leaders in bother CSCL and CDSCL to form a new, cohesive leadership team and structure that will best support the needs of NEXUS, its staff, individuals, families, and our communities et al.

What will this mean for me and my supports?

As we move forward, we are committed to ensuring the needs of all supported individuals and their families are met. We don’t expect to see any changes to the day-to-day services delivered in our communities; rather, we expect to see standardized processes such accreditation, policy development, human resources, etc. which ultimately ensures our services delivered are quality, up-to-date and person centred.

What will happen to my job?

With this change, the biggest impact to current employees of CSCL and CDSCL will be the name change – it is going to take a while to wrap our heads around that one! This change is not intended to create job loss or instability, it is the exact opposite. This change is intended to bring new opportunities for existing and incoming employees. The chance to share skills and knowledge across multiple communities, network with peers on a broader scale and create room for advancement.

Who will stakeholders and families call when we have questions?

As a new organizational structure is determined, we will be sure to effectively communicate with all families, individuals, and stakeholders as to who they should connect with and for what. For the time being, we ask that you connect with those key contacts you have within each agency. If you are unsure, you are always welcome to contact Brandon at: or 250.426.7588 ext. 2006.

Why is this good for each agency and each community?

This transition is a wonderful thing for many reasons. First, we will be able to capitalize on the great talents within both agencies while pulling them together for one collective good. For decades we have worked alongside each other to best support our communities. Now, we will bring our resources together to work as a team. With this, we will be able to standardize our practices around things such as: service delivery and approach, accreditation, continuous quality improvement, human resources (recruiting, training, etc.), community engagement and many others. As agencies such as ours continue to become more and more complex, we too must adapt and change our ways. This move ensures the long- term success of our agencies into the future which ultimately benefits those we support, their families, our employees, and communities for years to come.

CSCL’s Board of Directors took many things into consideration when discussing, and ultimately supporting this amalgamation. The Board looked at long-term viability, impacts to persons served and families, impacts to employees and their families, impacts to communities and whether or not this was in alignment with our mission, vision and values. After months of conversations, research, and due diligence, the Board and Executive decided that this transition would be in the best interest of CSCL both in the short-term and long-term. We believe that this amalgamation not only supports CSCL’s mission, vision, and values, but also ensures the long-term success and sustainability of CSCL. In diversifying our services and service area, we are ensuring we are ready for the future and whatever it has in store for us.

We are all excited for this next chapter and we are fortunate to do it alongside you. Your support and dedication over the past 65+ years has been unwavering – for that, we thank you. As we move forward and into the future, we are excited to continue building relationships with you and our communities. As Anthony J. D’Angelo has said, “Without a sense of caring, there can be no sense of community.”